Chubby PET Bottles
Chubby PET Bottles
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Unicorn Plastic Bottles

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Finding these bottles is like spotting a unicorn-- you’re lucky if you find one, and you almost never want to let it go!

This bottle’s sleek form is so attractive to retailers because of it’s sheer functionality. The bottle fits easily in your fingertips and your product can easily be applied with one hand. These bottles make refilling your mod’s tank easier than ever.

That’s not even the best part! This bottle’s small size makes it very easy to carry when on-the-go. Do you hate when your pockets are weighed down with your phone, vape, keys and e-juice bottle? Then this bottle is for you! It’s sleekness in form makes it almost non-existent in your pocket next to your other essentials, allowing you to carry everything and move around with ease.

Unicorn Plastic Bottle Sizes

We carry 30 ml bottle size.

Unicorn Plastic Bottle Colors

We offer clear Unicorn Plastic Bottles.

Unicorn Plastic Bottle Caps

We offer white plastic bottle caps.


Assembling our Unicorn Plastic Bottles is simple and much like our LDPE and Chubby Gorilla Bottles. Upon receiving your order, your bottle’s three components will be packaged separately within the same box. To assemble your bottles, place the tip over the mouth of the bottle and apply slight pressure until you hear or feel it snap into place. Then, screw the plastic cap onto the threaded neck of the bottle. You should hear or feel it snap into place. The safety band on the cap will then be locked into place. It is important to note here that once your safety band is locked into place, it will detach from the cap the next time the bottle is reopened, signaling to your end user that the bottle has been opened before. We recommend never selling products directly to consumers that have a broken or tampered with safety band.

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