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nicselectSince 2012, Vape On Wholesale has been one of the nation’s leading providers of wholesale nicotine base liquid. We provide bulk nicotine solutions in 100 mg/ml strength, with a wide range of packaging and quantity options, each tailored to fit any sized business need.

Our leaders are seasoned experts and have been in the industry since its inception, therefore they have much knowledge regarding nicotine, liquid blends, and general tobacco alternatives for consumers. We aim to provide our customers with not only high quality products, but also high quality customer care as we have guided many of our customers in making successful decisions when using our products in their manufacturing. With years of industry knowledge, we are available to our customers as a resource with any questions they may have.

With a breadth of industry experience, Vape On Wholesale is able to offer our customers the lowest prices found on the Internet, at the highest quality on the market. Our products are always in stock and we provide same day shipping on weekdays for orders placed before 3 p.m.

Keep reading, or give us a call anytime, to learn more about our products and find out if our business is the right solution to your needs.

What is Nicotine Base Liquid?

Nicotine base liquid, also referred to as “freebase nicotine”, is a potent and unflavored liquid solution derived from tobacco leaves and composed of three ingredients: high quality liquid nicotine, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin and USP Food Grade Propylene Glycol. Please visit our other product pages for more information on Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.

The nicotine found in nicotine base liquid can be derived from tobacco plants, or produced synthetically in a lab. Our nicotine liquid is 100% natural and only extracted from tobacco plants, then further distilled and diluted in laboratories that meet very high safety standards. To reduce potency even further in our nicotine base liquid, we then add Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol to create our premium nicotine solution that is ready to mix with your favorite flavoring!

Why Choose Our Nicotine Base Liquid?

At Vape On Wholesale, we exclusively use NicSelect™ nicotine, which is the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine available. Our nicotine is never synthetically produced in laboratories; instead, it is always extracted naturally from richly cultivated tobacco plants. As a nicotine consumer, it is very important to ask these questions when purchasing your liquid nicotine solution because your nicotine solution can greatly affect everything about your vaping experience, from the flavor, purity and throat hit of your e-juice mix.

Higher quality nicotine solution, like NicSelect™ , means a smoother throat hit, which in turn allows you to genuinely savor the flavor of your e-juice which can be a crucial factor when trying to stay away from traditional cigarettes. Low quality or synthetic nicotine possesses an undesirable flavor and astringency. Only NicSelect™ nicotine has a 100% efficacy rate in blending perfectly with VG and PG everytime.


Packaging can play a crucial role when choosing your Nicotine Base liquid as it’s important to be aware of your nicotine solution properties. As nicotine is best stored in very low temperatures (please see our Care, Handling & Storage page for more information on best storage practices), the plastic in the containers we use are engineered in a way that will not freeze under very low temperatures.

Moreover, the plastic in our packaging creates much insulation for the nicotine solution, maintaining a healthy temperature for it’s contents. The plastic has a very, very low chemical reactivity, therefore you will not have to worry about it altering your nicotine solution in any way.

Our gallon and liter sizes will always come with a safety seal, indicating that this product has not been previously tampered or used. Similarly, our pail and drum sizes are sealed with a plastic barrier on the mouth of the opening to ensure tha this product has not been previously opened. This is important when purchasing chemical products as you want to make sure your solution has not been contaminated.


We offer liter, gallon, pail and drum sizes to meet any business need.


As we provide vape supplies at wholesale pricing and quantities, this means that our pricing will always be lower than the retail market. Similarly, you will always save money when ordering in bulk, rather than a lower quantity, if your business has the need for it.

For example, a single gallon of our Vegetable Glycerin starts at $18.99. A 50lb pail contains 4.75 gallons and starts at $79.99. If you divide $79.99 by 4.75 gallons, you get $16.84. By this math, ordering the pail size is saving you $2.15 on each gallon of Vegetable Glycerin, which quickly adds up when considering your cost of goods! For this reason, we always recommend ordering bundle or bulk quantities if you have the business demand.

What to Expect

Our liquid nicotine solution comes in 100 mg/ml strength, in many different sizes and quantities to fit all your business applications.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the lowest wholesale prices on the Internet at the highest quality you can find. But wait, there’s more! We are always in stock and we offer same day shipping, consistently.

We value your business needs, and for that reason, we maintain consistency that allows your business operations to continue to run smoothly. You can always count on Vape On Wholesale to deliver excellence and timeliness, allowing you to focus on your daily operations that keep your customers happy and satisfied! I guess you could say, “we have chemistry!”

Have a Question?

We recognize that this is a relatively new industry and there is not enough fact based information on the Internet for new and DIY vapers. Our team is here to help you.

Having been in business since 2012, Vape On Wholesale is staffed with top industry professionals who stay current on industry news, trends and information. We have provided nicotine to thousands of customers across the U.S. and have answered many questions ranging from storage and handling, nicotine strengths, e-juice mixing, shipping products and sales and marketing.

We’re here to help you! Please call or email us and one of our seasoned experts will answer all your questions.

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