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Vape On Wholesale is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of wholesale USP Glycerin. We provide bulk Vegetable Glycerin in many different sizes and quantities to fit your business needs. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for? Keep reading, or give us a call, to see if we have chemistry!

What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable Glycerin is an organic, plant-based compound with clear, viscous and odorless properties. Also referred to as glycerol or “VG” for short, Glycerin is most typically derived from soy, palm or coconut oils. With its many adaptable and non-toxic properties, Glycerin is becoming more widely used for many different products in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, beauty and skin care, nicotine and vaping, and can even be found in many household products such as candles or cleaning agents.

As a consumer, you want to be sure you are using the highest quality USP glycerin; therefore it is important to understand the difference between Crude Glycerin and Kosher USP Glycerin. Crude Glycerin is made as a waste product, or byproduct, through the process of manufacturing biodiesel fuel. Kosher USP Glycerin is derived from plants and has undergone a highly refined process, thereby only retaining its most pure and natural properties, making it so safe you can even eat it!

What does USP Kosher mean?

The standards “USP” and “Kosher” in Vegetable Glycerin refer to the safety and purity tests that the product has received. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia, which is an organization that was founded in 1820-- that’s earlier than the Food and Drug Administration! The U.S. Pharmacopeia created a set of safety regulations, standards and testing to ensure that all drugs and medications were of the highest quality, purity and potency.

Kosher is a designation that is typically seen in foods, and dates back to early Jewish tradition that can be found in the Bible. This designation means that the food is safe and healthy for consumption, according to Kosher Dietary Restrictions. While this is very fascinating, you might be wondering why this matters in Vegetable Glycerin? This designation matters because it ensures your health and safety in consuming our Vegetable Glycerin!

And yes, a Rabbi literally blessed our Vegetable Glycerin!

How is our VG made?

Our Vegetable Glycerin is palm-derived, 99.7% pure and organic, and USP and Kosher certified. Our VG is made through a process called hydrolysis, which is a reaction created through a high pressure water treatment that results in the chemical breakdown of compounds.

During the hydraulic process, the vegetable oil is exposed to high pressure and heat which then breaks down the ester bonds, separating the glycerin from the fatty acids and allowing it to join the water. The process then continues with a distillation phase to create an even more purified product.

It is important to understand that all Vegetable Glycerin is made up of the same chemical compound: C3H8O3, which is 3 Carbon atoms, 8 Hydrogen atoms, and 3 Oxygen atoms. The only difference in the different types of Glycerin is the process in which it was made.

Why Choose Our VG?

Vape On Wholesale is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale USP Glycerin. We source bulk Vegetable Glycerin at the lowest price you can find on the Internet, literally!

Having been in business since 2012, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality wholesale USP Glycerin. Our team is staffed with industry experts available to help you with all your business needs. We maintain consistency and deliver excellence in customer service by ensuring same day shipping, keeping your business operations running smoothly and leaving you happy and satisfied. I guess you could say, “we have chemistry!”

VG in Vaping

Many of our consumers are in the vaping and tobacco alternatives industry; therefore, it is important to us that we provide our customers with the most accurate information for their applications. Ever wonder what component in your e-juice creates larger or smaller vapor clouds? That’s the Vegetable Glycerin! When heated, this liquid creates vapor. Not only does the VG create your cloud vapor and act as a wonderful soluble in your e-juice, but it also acts to minimize your throat hit! Many vapers will even change their VG ratio depending on their preferences in vapor clouds and throat hits.

Uses & Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin

VG can be found in many different products, probably more than you would have thought. Due to its mildly sweet taste, Glycerin can be found in many food products such as natural sweeteners, or as a sugar substitute. Glycerin is also popularly used in many hair products, make ups and lotions. As glycerin is a humectant, meaning it retains moisture, it works very well in skin moisturizers by not only keeping your skin hydrated, but also acting as a soluble to the active ingredient in your product. More recently, Vegetable Glycerin has been very successfully used as an alcohol substitute in herbal mixtures and tonics.


  • Skin care- glycerin is a main ingredient in lotions, hand cream, liquid soaps, shaving cream, skin toner, foot scrub, foot crack and repair cream, face primer, anti-aging cream, and face freshener.
  • Hair- glycerin is a key ingredient in conditioner and hair spritz, it works to retain moisture in your hair.
  • Toothpaste- glycerin is the main ingredient in toothpaste as it acts to maintain the consistency of the paste.
  • Mouthwash- glycerin is sometimes used in mouthwash to create an element of thickness and sweetener.
  • Nails- glycerin is used in nail repair products to keep the cuticles healthy and moisturized after removing polish.

Smoking & Tobacco Alternatives

  • Smoking tobacco- in the tobacco refining process, glycerin is sprayed on the tobacco leaves before they are shredded and packed to retain moisture.
  • Chewing tobacco- glycerin is used to add sweetness to chewing tobacco and retains moisture, preventing dehydration of the leaves.
  • Cigarette papers- glycerin works as a plasticizer in cigarette papers.
  • Vape juice, cannabis and hookah- VG is a main ingredient of only 3 or 4 other ingredients, working as a soluble to minimize throat impact and create clouds when heated.
  • Humidors- Glycerin works to retain moisture in the preservation of cigars.


  • Cement- litharge glycerin is used in cement compounds.
  • Anti Corrosion- glycerin is a key ingredient in anti corrosion products as it has antifreeze and corrosion properties.
  • Asphalt- because of its low freezing, high boiling point, and naturally binding properties, crude glycerin is a key component in asphalt.
  • Thermometers- liquid in mercury thermometers.
  • Piping and Valves- glycerin is imperative in valve repair.
  • Oil refinery- glycerin is used in various different oil refinery equipment.


  • Sugar substitutes- glycerin has naturally sweet properties, making it an excellent choice when choosing to cut sugar out of your diet!
  • Baked goods- glycerin acts as a solvent in many baked goods.
  • Syrup- glycerin is an excellent choice when making syrup, as it is naturally viscous.
  • Icing- glycerin acts to prevent the crystallization of sugar and preserve icing.
  • Ice cream- glycerin is an excellent ingredient for ice cream, as it prevents crystallization, adds sweetness and promotes the overall texture.


  • Cough medicine- USP Kosher glycerin is used in most cough medicines.
  • Constipation- glycerin suppositories are commonly used to treat constipation.
  • Anesthetics- USP Kosher glycerin is an ingredient in anesthetics.
  • Ear treatments- glycerin acts as a lubricant in common ear treatments.
  • Eczema and psoriasis- glycerin is used in most topical creams to treat skin conditions.
  • Heart conditions- nitroglycerin is used to treat many heart conditions.

Household Products & Cleaning Agents

  • Candles- glycerin is used as a main ingredient in candle wax.
  • Anti Grease cleaner- using glycerin with another acidic agent with strip oil grease, the glycerin will also work to keep your hands moisturized.
  • Cleansing products- glycerin is an ingredient in soaps, detergents, wetting agents and wax emulsifiers.

Lawn & Garden

  • Compost- glycerin can be used for optimal compost treatment, to promote growth, harvesting and soil bacteria.
  • Plants- glycerin has been used to moisturize plants by deeply penetrating the plant and retaining its moisture in the soil and stems.
  • Flowers- dipping your flowers in a glycerin and water solution will preserve life and greatly enhance their appearance.
  • Sprinkler systems- glycerin is an active ingredient to prevent freezing in sprinkler systems.
  • Seeds- to promote germination of your plants, you can soak your seeds in a diluted glycerin solution, which will also work to counteract the salt content in your seeds.
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