LDPE Plastic Bottles
LDPE Plastic Bottles
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Chubby PET Bottles

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It’s all in the name. Chubby PET Bottles are thick and can hold a large volume of liquid. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, otherwise known as polyester. It is best known for it’s clear and lightweight properties. Many retailers choose this option when selling larger quantities of e-juice as it provides a very lightweight solution. Chubby Bottles are an excellent, cost efficient choice especially whenever offering discounts or BOGO promotions. Their pointy-shaped cap is unique and can be attractive to many retailers as it not only stands out on the shelf next to other brands, but it also fits conveniently in their customer’s palm when twisting to open. Best of all, their lightweight feature makes it almost invisible for customer’s when carrying so many items in their pockets or purses.

Chubby PET Bottle Sizes

We offer 60 ml and 120 ml size bottles.

Chubby PET Bottle Tips

Our Chubby Bottle tips are thin, long and durable, making them the best choice for filling any vape device tank. They’re also ideal for other products as well, such as oils or even cake decorating tools, as their small tip allows for very precise application on any surface.

Chubby PET Bottle Caps

We offer black and clear color bottle caps.


Upon receiving your shipment, the bottle components will come separately packaged in the same box. Assembling your bottles is simple, and much similar to our LDPE Plastic Bottles. Simply place the tip over the mouth of the bottle and apply slight pressure until you hear or feel a snap into place. Then, screw the cap on the wide, threaded neck of the bottle until you hear or feel it snap into place. The safety band will then lock into place on the neck of the bottle. Please be advised that once your safety band has locked onto the bottle, it will detach from the cap whenever the bottle is next opened. We recommend never selling bottles directly to customers that have a broken safety band to ensure that their product has not been used or tampered with.

To open, simply push downward on the cap with slight pressure and twist to your right.

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