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LDPE stands for low-density polyethylene. These bottles are resilient, flexible and durable. Designed for applications that typically involve squeezing and applying pressure, these bottles are commonly used for pharmaceutical, skin care and food-related products.

LDPE bottles are popular among e-juice bottles as they have a very low chemical resistance and non permeable walls so that no outside elements can contaminate the e-juice.

LDPE Bottle Sizes

We offer 15 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml and 120 ml LDPE Plastic Bottles.

LDPE Bottle Tips

Our LDPE bottle tips are long and thin, making it easier than ever to squeeze your liquid into the smallest of holes on your device tank. They’re also ideal for applying to other surfaces as their thin point allows you to apply your product with more accuracy and preciseness than a regular applicator tip.

LDPE Bottle Caps

We offer 5 different color options for your bottle caps. This is especially important when considering brand awareness as choosing your bottle cap color might play a huge role in your consumer perception in the marketplace. Choose a color that fits your brand and makes your product stand apart from all the others on the shelf!

What to Expect

When ordering our wholesale e-juice bottles, you will first choose from a variety of options that fit your bottle size and quantity needs. You will then be able to choose which cap color you’d like with your bottles. Upon receiving your shipment of e-juice bottles, the tips, caps and bottles will all be packaged separately but in the same box. We do this because as a store or business owner, we value flexibility in product assembly to accomodate for any unforeseen customer requests that may arise in your operations.


To assemble the LDPE bottles, simply line up the tip with the mouth of the bottle and apply slight pressure until you hear and feel the tip pop into place. This will ensure that the tip will withstand applied pressure during use and avoid leakage.

When assembling the caps, simply screw the cap onto the neck of the bottle. You will hear slight snapping as the cap catches to the threaded neck of the bottle. This will ensure that the safety band is in place. The safety band is crucial in gaining your customer’s trust because it ensures them that their product has not been previously used or tampered with. It is important to note here that once the safety band is in place, opening the bottle again will make the safety band permanently detach from the cap. A product with a broken or tampered with safety seal should never be sold directly to consumers.

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