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Want a luxurious look for your product? Our glass bottles are your solution. With a glass exterior and a glass applicator, these bottles practically scream high class!

While these products are made of glass, they are manufactured to provide much strength and durability during use. Their glass exterior provides a soft and smooth surface for your customer to hold while using. Their classic shape allows the Glass Bottle to fit snug in the palm of your hand, offering much convenience for most days when you're on-the-go.

Glass Bottle Sizes

We offer Glass Bottles in 30 ml size.

Glass Bottle Colors

We know how important brand awareness and perception is, that’s why we offer five different color options for your product-- Clear, White Frost, Amber, Black and Red. Customize your product with our many color options!

Glass Bottle Dropper

Each bottle comes with a glass applicator that is attached to a rubber dropper. The rubber dropper is where you’ll squeeze and let go of as you’re applying your product to your application. The glass applicator tube is sleek, long and durable. It’s size is so convenient that it can work with most vape device tanks and avoid any spills or leakage. When using these bottles for other applications such as skin care oils, it’s long form allows you to apply the product while still maintaining a comfortable distance from your surface.

Glass Bottle Cap

We offer two different options in cap colors, white and black, with a very durable screw on cap. The cap comes with an attached safety band which is very important when selling your product and gaining your customer’s trust. A bottle should never be sold directly to a consumer if the safety band has been broken or tampered with.


Assembling the Glass Bottles is made very simple. The glass applicator will fit snug into the mouth of the rubber applicator tip. The rubber applicator tip will have a groove right inside the mouth of the tip. The glass applicator should snap into place within the groove. The assembled applicator then slides into the hole of the cap, starting with the rubber side first. You should feel or hear the applicator snap into place within the plastic cap to ensure that it is in the correct spot. From there, the applicator/cap assembly screws onto the threaded neck of your glass bottle. The safety band on the cap will naturally take its place. It is important to note that if the bottle is reopened, the safety band will detach from the cap.

To open the bottle, simply place your hand on the plastic cap and apply slight pressure downward, then twist to your right.

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