* This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical. *
  • USP Nicotine 100mg/ml - NIC
  • USP Nicotine 100mg/ml - NIC
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    Wholesale Nicotine

    Vape On has the best wholesale nicotine price in the United States. We are a contract manufacturer and distributor for NicSelect, the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine available. We sell nicotine wholesale in 100mg/ml strength, and it’s always in stock. Most orders ship same day. Vape On has supplied wholesale nicotine to hundreds of customers nationwide.

    Why Nicselect®?

    The flavor of your eliquid depends on the type of liquid nicotine that you use. It is the foundation of your mix, and all other flavors are dependent on this base quality. Nicselect® uses only naturally extracted nicotine from the finest tobacco plants. It is never engineered or synthetically produced. This means that the nicotine you receive will be the highest quality when it comes to purity, and taste. Higher quality and purity means a smoother throat hit. A smoother throat hit allows you to genuinely savor the flavor of your eliquid with each, and every puff. Low quality or synthetic nicotine possesses an undesirable flavor and astringency. These products will undermine every layer that comes after. Your VG or PG, even your primary flavoring, will be affected. Only Nicselect® has proven to blend with numerous PG and VG mixtures perfectly and without flaw each, and every time.